We are a video production company

Our Showreel

Dragonfly Productions is a unique video production company based in London. Dynamic, creative and inspired by the power of the moving image, we specialise in a diverse range of video production and editing services. Our passion for producing high quality video content at competitive rates means we stand head and shoulders above many production companies.

Our wealth of services can be tailored to your specific needs, whether you are in search of top quality corporate videos, event filming or even animated video content. We are highly adaptable, swift and efficient.

We challenge you to find a better video production service.

Animated videos

Our animated videos are the jewel in our crown at Dragonfly and form one of the most attractive and engaging sections of our varied portfolio. Our professional animations are second to none. If you are in need of an animation video company with a real creative sparkle, get in touch with our passionate team of animators.

Event filming

Event filming can be disastrous if done badly, but relax, corporate event filming is one of Dragonfly’s specialties. We’ve earned a solid reputation for being one of the most proficient providers of corporate event filming, producing videos for international brands as well as local and national organisations.

Corporate video

We know, we know… but corporate video production doesn’t have to be staid or conventional. We’re unlike any other production company in London and we know our unique approach to producing creative and exciting corporate videos ensure you stand out from the crowd. Learn more about our corporate videos.

Video for websites

Website videos produced and integrated correctly will have dramatic effects on conversion, traffic and retention rates. Our website video production is guaranteed to get your company noticed, and have a positive impact on your bottom line. Learn more today!

Viral Video

Our team will work tirelessly to ensure your viral advert gains maximum exposure for your brand. For the best viral video production company in London, look no further than Dragonfly Productions. We exude passion and creativity in our work

Marketing video

Digital videos are extremely effective for marketing your business or organisation. We have countless years of experience in producing high quality marketing videos at affordable rates. Learn more about our affordable marketing video services today!

Promotional video

Creating outstanding promotional videos comes as second nature to us. We have spent years honing our promotional video services to an exceptionally high standard, ensuring both quality and cost is met all times to our clients’ satisfaction.

Video Editing Services

Whilst there may be a plethora of post-production services to choose from, the Dragonfly touch clearly distinguishes us. As a video editing company, we love post-production challenges and can add the magic touch to your raw footage.

Aerial Filming

Hiring a helicopter and crew for aerial filming can be very costly. We have a more affordable solution for capturing an aerial view, from below via our remote controlled 'quadcopter' flying vehicle. Rates are 5% of the cost of a real helecopter!

Why choose Dragonfly?

Why Dragonfly?

Why choose Dragonfly from many of the other production companies in London? We love what we do. We offer realistic yet competitive pricing. We keep our promises and we deliver the highest quality videos on time, every time. Yes, there are a whole host of video production companies around, but there are none quite like us at Dragonfly. Don’t just take our word for it, feast your eyes on our showreel video and take a look at some of our other recent video production work.

You can also read of our testimonials page to see why our clients consider us the best video production company in London. At Dragonfly, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional video services at truly competitive prices. Read more about us here.