Facebook Buys Instagram

Instagram is making news yet again, only last week "Instagrammers" were spreading opinions on the super popular photo sharing app moving on to Andriod. This week however, Instagram sold for $1billion (over £600mil)

"Im excited to share the news that we've agreed to acquire Instagram and that their talented team will be joining Facebook" - Posted Mark Zuckerberg himself only yesterday, casually stamping the worlds favourite vintage photo sharing app with his trademark "F".

Why does Facebook need Instagram?

Although aesthetically very different, Instagram was possibly Facebook's biggest competitor for photo sharing, or was it? Facebook is clearly ahead of the game being the largest social network on the internet that is second only to Google for traffic. So is an investment in a photo sharing experience people already adore a tactical move to eliminate competition or just an expansion of the internet dominating organisation? Is Instagram even worth $1billion? Zuck stated in the same post that announced the deal with Instagram that "providing the best photo sharing experience is one reason why so many people love Facebook." Many people are claiming that its just another addition to the data value that Facebook holds, remember that data on the Facebook scale is big money.
     Facebook introduced the ability to add time, date and map specific locations to photos, but who cares to actually add this data to an upload? The average user only wants to get the image up for people ro share and enjoy, often these details are not even relevant. With Instagram however all of that data and more is registered with each photo.

Will Instagram Change?

Its predictable that many Instagram users will morn the "original" Instagram, but Zuckerberg claims that the two platforms will remain separate (although keeping the social media posting feature as well as the ability to follow separate friends for each network) and Facebook will develop Instagram "independently" to retain its roots. This will certainly satisfy the non and ex Facebook users who don't want to share their life or photos on the Facebook network, this is however until Zuckerberg  completes the deal to own all of the photos on both networks. Still it will be hard for most to think of Instagram as the "cool" iPhone app company formed of just few guys.


The enjoyable aspect of Instagram was that it was a photo  specific, small network, where the community appreciate one anothers input, the overall experience on a much more personal level. The functionality and structure of the app are not likely to change all the much, but its just the fact that this beloved network is now owned by the social media giants, the same network we were probably trying to escape from, which in turn has made the whole network seem even less personal. Some things are better left small and simple.


  • Posted March 5, 2012
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