Dragonfly Corporate Video Production Rates

Corporate video production really isn’t as expensive as you think. Dragonfly takes pride in producing exceptional high-quality videos at truly competitive rates, allowing more companies than ever to commission professional videos. We’re confident that no other company in London can better our extremely reasonable rates.

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Competitive Pricing

The good news is that the rapid improvements in digital video technology have helped reduce production prices, which means we’re able to pass on these savings to you. Put simply, this means that we can produce higher quality videos, taking advantage of technological advances like HD, at lower costs to our clients. Other video production companies in London seem to be working to absorb the higher profit margins, keeping those savings to themselves, whilst the quality of their video production pretty much stays the same. We’re not big fans of this. At Dragonfly, we’d rather keep your video production costs flexible and competitive, investing any extra profit we make into improving the quality of our videos and, in turn, our business.

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